What Your Big Day Might Be Missing

When you dream about your wedding you think about the gown, the flowers and the lucky person standing at the end of the aisle! However, when planning your wedding it’s important to think about those things, such as photographs and video that you will have after the cake is eaten, the flowers go away and the chairs are all stacked up. While we love the details we are storytellers at heart and believe in the importance of preserving your story to re-tell after the big day! We asked our newlyweds, Melissa and Michael to give their thoughts on the importance of videography when planning their wedding. They originally hadn’t planned on having a videographer on their big day. We think they had some great advice for those newly engaged couples who might be grappling with the same decision!

Melissa said, “Hiring a videographer was one of (if not the best) decisions Michael and I made during the wedding planning process. We spent most of our year-long engagement planning on NOT hiring a videographer. We did not want to spend all the extra money, and figured, ‘What can a videographer possibly capture that a photographer cannot?'”

We asked Melissa what the real tipping point was for her and she explained that it was a close friend whose wedding she had been a part of as a bridesmaid. She told Melissa that her biggest regret from her wedding was not hiring a videographer.

We asked Melissa her thoughts now that her and Michael have finished the video. “Thank God I listened to her advice and hired a videographer. I am SO glad I did. While photographs are beautiful, there is something to be said about seeing the day unfold in motion. I got to experience things I never would have gotten to see, such as video footage of my husband and his groomsmen getting ready for the ceremony, and I got to listen to him read the letter he wrote me on our wedding day. I must have watched our highlights reel 20 times already! The best part is that one day our children will watch this video and get to fully experience how happy we were on our wedding day; I think that makes me the happiest of all!”

We also can’t stop watching Melissa and Michael’s highlight reel! It was such a joy to be part of a day filled with so much love and happiness and we wish Melissa and Michael all the best!

Check out their finished wedding video, by Suburban Video here! We’ve only watched it about 5 times today.