What do Sir Richard Branson, Mr. Matt Dillon and Something Fabulous have in common?

We had dinner together on April 26th…
Well, okay… maybe we  didn’t  ACTUALLY sit together over our fabulous Ridgewells fare.  (Not that we aren’t confident both gentleman would find us captivating and dynamic dinner companions 😉 )  We did however spend the evening at the Andrew Mellon Auditorium in Washington DC supporting the efforts of  non-partisan organization Refugees International on the celebration of their 37th Anniversary Dinner.  An organization that is both captivating in their history and efforts and dynamic in their advocacy, support and results for displaced people!
Their work advocates for lifesaving assistance and protection for displaced people and promotes solutions to displacement crises. Their “front line” field missions identify displaced people’s needs for basic services such as food, water, health care, housing, access to education and protection from harm.  Their research findings are used to challenge and aid policy makers in making progress towards humanitarian efforts worldwide.
This year’s McCall-Pierpaoli Award, RI’s highest humanitarian award, was presented to Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group and a leader in global efforts to end conflict, address complex global issues, and establish sustainable healthcare models in underdeveloped countries.

The evening also featured the presentation of the Congressional Leadership Award to Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) and the Richard C. Holbrooke Award to Olena Honcharova, a civil society leader in Ukraine.

As in past years ,Mr. Matt Dillon, Board Member and long time supporter of RI acted as the evening’s Master of Ceremonies.  (Our Fabulette Katie Oakes is one of his biggest back stage fans! 😉 (We miss you Katie!)

Story telling and authenticity is what motivates us to do the work that we do.  Our ability to contribute to the success of an event through the  advancement initiatives of an organization such as RI gives strength to our voice.  It also gives us purpose and reminds us that there are many peoples, places and things to celebrate in life and many ways to carry out those celebrations.  It reaffirms our commitment to telling stories in a way that captivates the senses, and communicates specific need(s).

If you’d like learn more about the work and advocacy of RI; please check out their blog!  Also, make sure to  check out our portfolio for video of past projects and links to current efforts. We promise to avoid posting too many selfies with our fabulous Event Partners and Mr. Dillon!