Top 5 Things To Do Before You Pick a Date

You were happily dating and then your sweetie popped the question – bliss! Now you are engaged and almost immediately it seems you are way behind in planning the wedding. Even if you thought you knew exactly what you wanted already, planning the guest list or the budget can put you in panic mode. These sensitive issues are much harder to navigate than cake tastings. Relax – Something Fabulous has got you covered. With over 20 years of experience in supporting engaged couples and their families, owners Jennifer and Kimberly are sharing their top 5 Things to do Before you Pick a Date. Getting everyone on board with the basics at the start will assure you smooth sailing on your wedding day!

1. The Engaged Couple – it starts with you. Discuss your vision and expectations for your wedding day together. Write down what is most important to each of you.

2. The Bride & Groom’s Families – make a special date with each the bride and groom’s families to discuss the wedding. If you are not able to do this in person, schedule a conference call or Skype session. Share what’s important to you as a couple and listen to what’s important to your families.

3. All Together Now – Get the bride and groom’s family together to discuss the wedding. Perhaps they have met before, or this may be the first introduction. Ideally you would get everyone together in person – it’s worth it even if you have to travel. Have fun with it and go out for a special meal, cook a big feast or order in pizza. If that’s not possible, arrange a Skype or conference call. Share your vision and expectations, and listen to stories of your family’s experiences and traditions.

4. Guest List & Budget – now is the time to discuss the guest list and budget. Whether you’re dreaming of a backyard wedding or elegant soiree, the guest list determines what you will spend. While you have everyone together it’s best to have a frank discussion about how many guests you want to have, and how the expenses will be covered. Remember to smile and breathe! The sooner you address these important issues the less likely there will be misunderstandings and hurt feelings (drama) later.

5. Feeling overwhelmed – If you are already envisioning tears and fights you may need an expert to help facilitate your planning. A third party can help you communicate in a calm, objective manner and this is where a planner is instrumental. If a professional planner is not in your budget, look to a close relative or family friend who has been through this already for advice.

What did you do before you picked a date? We would love to hear from you!