Inspired By: Wedding Wreaths

The unending circle of a wreath is a beautiful symbol of eternal love, and a wonderful way to welcome a new life into the world. From a design point of view, wedding wreaths are a terrific tool for adding ambiance or accenting a particular area. They offer a myriad of possibilities: luxe, simple, shabby chic, elegant or modern they will reflect your personality depending on the style and materials you choose. There are many DIY and and budget friendly options if you want to design your own. Flowers are eye-catching in a wreath and we are also seeing lots of greens, grasses, paper, feathers and ribbon!  Incorporating the bride and groom’s initials and hanging the wreaths on the back of their reception chairs adds a beautiful, personal touch.

We love how they to welcome guests into the church when hung on church doors and pews. A wreath is a great way to draw attention to a guest book or dessert table. They are the perfect way add a little love to trees, walls, gates, chairs, windows and doors. Here are some of our favorite wreath designs!