Fe Fi Fo Fum! Garden Parties Make Childhood Fun

Creating a child’s party is easier than you think. Below we will share some tips on planning and executing a relaxed afternoon full of laughter and simple entertaining. Our garden party theme can easily be recreated by anyone. Gather the children and their friends, and get ready for some delicious treats and fun activities. Everyone will enjoy the beautiful day you have planned for them.

Think green and fun, but remember to make it a learning experience as well. Lessons seen, lessons learned. Select a variety of different vegetable and fruit seeds from your local gardening store and have the kids plant them in the garden for a fun party activity.

We decided to buy local and organic produce. This way, we could teach the importance of helping local farmers and eating healthy, yummy fresh foods.

When selecting our menu, we thought about the foods we could grow in our own garden, to help show the kids the fun in eating what you grow yourself. Here are a few tips on ways to incorporate the garden party food theme into a delicious menu.

Keep it simple. Serving fresh fruits and vegatables is child friendly. An easy and healthy way to fill bellies and allow for a quick grab and go as they play in the yard.

Who doesn’t love butterflies? Serve cucumber sandwiches and PB&J’s made with fresh local raspberry preserves and organic peanut butter. Use a cookie cutter to create unique shapes that kids will love. Check out our awesome butterfly sandwiches.

Don’t forget the best part of any meal! All kids love dessert. Serve a delicious apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. And don’t worry about the mess- that’s the beauty of being outside!

Incorporate a favorite childhood story and find your eager audience captivated as they bask in the gorgeous sun. This is an excellent way to get kids involved in your theme. Jack and the Bean Stalk set the tone for our afternoon garden party. ¬†Once our story was read, magic beans were passed out and the kids couldn’t wait to plant theirs in the nearby garden.

Guests loved taking home their own personal packet of seeds, embellished gloves and matching shovel. Shouts of laughter and overwhelming joy filled the air. The idea of creating their own garden at home was more than the children could bear. Smiles spread on everyone’s faces as we soaked in the success of an easy day.

Nothing compares to a beautiful breeze, brilliant sun, and butterfly fun…

~We want to give a special thanks to Sweet Tea Photography, for joining us on this beautiful afternoon and photographing all these lovely pictures. You can reach Lisa Marie at SweetTeaPhotographybyLisaMarie.com~

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