A Gypsy, a Fashionista and a Cookie Monster revisited…

So we thought since we’re planning to dole out our sage advice and wisdom as well as share our experiences, resources etc, it’s fitting to give you a little background on how we got to this post.  If you will allow me to do the “Re-Introductions”, my name is Kimberly Allen- the gypsy, and my business partner and sister is … Read More

What do Sir Richard Branson, Mr. Matt Dillon and Something Fabulous have in common?

We had dinner together on April 26th… Well, okay… maybe we  didn’t  ACTUALLY sit together over our fabulous Ridgewells fare.  (Not that we aren’t confident both gentleman would find us captivating and dynamic dinner companions 😉 )  We did however spend the evening at the Andrew Mellon Auditorium in Washington DC supporting the efforts of  non-partisan organization Refugees International on the celebration of their … Read More