What Your Big Day Might Be Missing

When you dream about your wedding you think about the gown, the flowers and the lucky person standing at the end of the aisle! However, when planning your wedding it’s important to think about those things, such as photographs and video that you will have after the cake is eaten, the flowers go away and the chairs are all stacked … Read More

A Gypsy, a Fashionista and a Cookie Monster revisited…

So we thought since we’re planning to dole out our sage advice and wisdom as well as share our experiences, resources etc, it’s fitting to give you a little background on how we got to this post.  If you will allow me to do the “Re-Introductions”, my name is Kimberly Allen- the gypsy, and my business partner and sister is … Read More

Inspired By: Wedding Wreaths

The unending circle of a wreath is a beautiful symbol of eternal love, and a wonderful way to welcome a new life into the world. From a design point of view, wedding wreaths are a terrific tool for adding ambiance or accenting a particular area. They offer a myriad of possibilities: luxe, simple, shabby chic, elegant or modern they will … Read More

Top 5 Things To Do Before You Pick a Date

You were happily dating and then your sweetie popped the question – bliss! Now you are engaged and almost immediately it seems you are way behind in planning the wedding. Even if you thought you knew exactly what you wanted already, planning the guest list or the budget can put you in panic mode. These sensitive issues are much harder … Read More

What do Sir Richard Branson, Mr. Matt Dillon and Something Fabulous have in common?

We had dinner together on April 26th… Well, okay… maybe we  didn’t  ACTUALLY sit together over our fabulous Ridgewells fare.  (Not that we aren’t confident both gentleman would find us captivating and dynamic dinner companions 😉 )  We did however spend the evening at the Andrew Mellon Auditorium in Washington DC supporting the efforts of  non-partisan organization Refugees International on the celebration of their … Read More