A Mother’s Day Love Story

Last week, in honor of Mother’s Day, we asked our Fabulous readers to share some photos and reflections on how motherhood has changed their lives, we were so touched with their responses and are so excited to tell each mom’s story…

Motherhood Moments:

1. “Motherhood brings out the love, patience, and faith I didn’t know that existed in me!  The sheer sense of responsibility used to scare me about having kids.  But now I realize they are definitely gifts from God!  There are still hard days when you wrestle with rules and sleep deprivation, but every little hug and kiss makes it all worthwhile… I am simply amazed by God’s wonderful creation and am so thankful for the living miracles I see in my little ones everyday!”  – Margaret (Taipei, Taiwan)

2. “What in my life hasn’t changed now that I’ve become a mom?! It’s great, but nothing is the same. Having a baby has definitely taught me to appreciate the small things in life… like a hot shower, sitting down to enjoy a good meal, and a full night’s sleep.”  – Sara (Royal Oak, Michigan)

3. “It’s the little moments that I love the most about being a mom. Yes, watching Winnie learn to crawl and stand on her own are huge milestones and are amazing, but for me it’s the little moments that have melted my heart. Dancing with her in the living room, twirling her around and watching her face light up… She smiles so big when her daddy joins in and it’s these moments that bring me the most joy. I’m so grateful to have this beautiful little girl and to be reminded every day to take in the little moments, find beauty in the simple things and to know what truly matters in life.”  – Jennifer (Fairfax, Virginia)

4. “In the eyes of my child everyday is a celebration and I am wonderful. She is still at an age that she is my biggest fan, and I cherish every day of that as I know it won’t last forever. She makes me want to be a better daughter to my mother. Amelia looks to me to solve her big problems ‘Mommy, I had an accident…’. I love taking care of her as well as taking the time to teach her. She hasn’t figured out yet that I am only human doing the best I can. The faith she shows me gives me the courage to try harder and the patience to try, try again. She has given my life joy and unconditional love in a way I couldn’t understand before her. Because of her I know that fairies are real, life is magical and chocolate IS a vegetable! Well, maybe not exactly… but, that’s my girl! ; ) ”  – Kimberly (Rochester, Michigan)

Mother’s Day is an amazing day to honor moms, but the truth is that for most mothers, every day is “Mother’s Day”, and every day is a special day.

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  • Tammy Kovach

    My oldest son turned 18 on April 30th and it seems as though time just flew by and now this man who stands before me is about to graduate high school and start on his own journey of discovery and all that life entails. I remember the tiny grips of his delicate fingers as a newborn, his contagious laugh as a child, cleaning scrapes, bending broken hearts…but most of all I am honored to be the mother of such a loving man. With God’s love I have three teenage boys who are the most precious gifts and I get to be their mother! I am inspired daily by each of them and through the ups and downs of parenthood over the past 18 years they have been by far the best years of my life and I look forward to what is to come.

  • Sara Armour

    Love all the photos! Thanks for sharing.

  • Max

    Great post. Thinking about all that my mom has done for my siblings and I over the years makes me think that all of you should have more than just one day a year.

  • Joy

    Such a sweet post! I love all the photos and “motherhood moments”. Also love the comments – mother’s definitely need to be appreciated more than one day a year!

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